When and where was this hairstyle ever acceptable?

Mmmm fashion.

Mmmm fashion.

Just bought a camera manual from the late 1970s/early 1980s, and this photo from the manual illustrates, for me, the difference between style and fashion.  Style is enduring, fashion ephemeral.  This guy almost certainly changed his hairstyle, and, hopefully, shaved off the moustache, although he might get away with it now if he waxed the ends.

Fashion is fine, as long as it IS ephemeral; back in the 1920s, a well-respected cycling journalist wrote that one should have as little bicycle as possible, by which he meant that it should incorporate no unnecessary weight.  This was misconstrued, and for some years thereafter, the fashion for riders of lightweight bicycles was to ride as small a frame as possible, with some six-footers perched atop a ludicrously-long seatpost, with a plunging drop to the handlebars.  Some manufacturers even limited the maximum frame size to 21 inches centre-to-top for some of their models.  Fashion changed, of course, and by the end of the 1930s a style of bike was established which changed little over the next 50 years.

However, it’s a bad idea to adopt something on-trend which isn’t easy to change as fashion changes. When the glow of looking cool turns to burning regret for many people in a few years’ time, I predict a roaring trade in tattoo removal.  My hot investment tip for today.  You’re welcome.

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